Khamis, 16 Februari 2012

Kenyataan Anwar menuduh UMNO

Anwar: Umno Twisting My Statement on WSJ

PKR has always been upholding the aspirations and needs of the Palestinian people, said the party's de factor leader in a statement today.

Anwar said his statement in AWSJ clearly puts the aspiration of the Palestinian people who wants justice, peace and dignity respected as a condition for Israel's demands that its safety is guaranteed.

He also said his stand was clearly accepted by world Islamic leaders such as the Arab Saudi government through statements made by Putra Saud Faisal in 2002 and King Abdullah recently where they both had mentioned about guaranteeing Israel's security with condition that the wellbeing and right of Palestine be taken care of.

Therefore, he said the guarantee of Israel's security with condition of peace towards the Palestinian people is not something new.

"I had long been supporting the aspiration of the Palestinian people, since leading the demonstration of protesting the violence of Israel which received the support from America in 1973 in front of the American embassy in Kuala Lumpur and presented Malaysia in 1983 to the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) conference in Algiers after accepting Yassir Arafat's invitation," said Anwar.

He said he appreciated the views and spirit from his friends in PAS, Shura Council and all its missionary movements and Islamic organizations for continuously defending the fate of the Palestinians.

Anwar added that PKR shares the same wish with PAS, which is to see the Palestine country being established freely, independent and prosperous.

Last month, AWSJ had quoted Anwar as saying in an interview last month that he supported all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel.

However, the newspaper reported that Anwar had stopped short of saying he would open diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, saying Israel must respect the aspirations of Palestinians first.

Due to that statement, Anwar had to defend himself by stressing that his remarks in the newspaper meant that he supported a two-state solution.

Anwar told that a similar statement was also mentioned by Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman when the latter addressed the United Nations General Assembly in September last year.

On Tuesday, PAS spriritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat had asked Anwar to retract his Israel-friendly remarks as published in the AWSJ last month.

Nik Aziz said that after a meeting with Shura Council, a decision has been made to urge the PKR de facto leader to withdraw his statement.

Anwar is scheduled to meet Nik Aziz to discuss the matter next week.

YPS ~ UMNO juga dipersalahkan oleh Anwar Ibrahim. Dia yang keluar kenyataan, apsal UMNO lak yang terima tempias??? Pening betul la mamat ni.
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