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#EuropianUnion: Who Are You To Call On Us??? - @Azwanbro @NajibRazak @Zahid_Hamidi @Anifah_Aman #EU

Last Thursday, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on the Malaysian government to withdraw the recently passed National Security Council (NSC) Bill, the release of all political prisoners, the withdrawal of anti-sodomy laws and for an immediate stop to the arrests of public dissenters of the government. 

In response, this Sunday, the Foreign Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Anifah Aman, condemned the resolution as it failed to show the proper respect “to any sovereign country to decide on its internal affairs.” 

“As the Youth Deputy leader in Barisan Nasional, I strongly agree with our Foreign Minister that the European Union’s resolution marks an immense sign of disrespect to Malaysia’s sovereignty and democratic integrity. 

In reading the resolution passed, what alarmed me most was the tone of authority that the European Parliament imposed, as though their words were to be regarded as commandments for a native and ill-developed polity: “urges to withdraw the National Security Council bill,” “is alarmed,” “calls on the Malaysian government.” Who are you to call on us? 

What was equally disturbing was the fact that Malaysia’s opposition parties, namely, DAP, ignored the colonial diction and prioritized instead to use the EU’s statement for its benefit, again highlighting the lack of national concern the opposition upholds when politics can turn in their favor; this was evident with Nurul Izzah’s meeting with Jacel Kiram, the daughter of the self-styled Sulu Sultan.

As a youth leader here in Malaysia, I wish to say to the European Parliament that I understand your concerns, I’ve read them thoroughly and I have always been open to criticism. However, the form of your resolution marked a grand disrespect towards Malaysia. 

Your concerns could have been expressed in a more professional manner. Malaysia’s democracy as I’ve seen in Barisan Nasional’s youth wing, has the right integrity to uphold what we know is right.

Our political culture determines our political system and before making judgmental comments, you must always understand the political culture. Your blatant disregard of Malaysia’s democracy will only destabilize the trust that Malaysians have to their government—further harming this nation. 

In contrast to the lack of respect the European Parliament showed Malaysia, I wish to respectfully call on the European Parliament to apologize for its hasty and ill delivered resolution. 

Khairul Azwan Harun

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