Khamis, 24 November 2016

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KUALA LUMPUR: UMNO Youth will hold a demonstration in front of the Myanmar embassy here tomorrow to protest the sectarian violence against Rohingya Muslims in the Buddhist-majority country.

Its vice-chief, Khairul Azwan Harun, said the “Stop the Genocide of Rohingya” demonstration would begin at 3pm.

“I will submit a memorandum urging the government of Myanmar to prevent abuse of the Rohingya people. I urge all Malaysians, including non-governmental organisations and political parties, to join the assembly,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

UMNO Youth Vice Chief media release.

Khairul also called on the international community to impose strict and immediate sanctions on Myanmar, saying failure to do so would result in the deaths of more Rohingyas.

“Inaction by the state of Myanmar is an endorsement of the violence.”

Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims are the majority in the state of Rakhine, but are refused citizenship by the government.

It has been reported that the Rohingyas were subjected to extrajudicial killings and rape, besides having their homes destroyed.

“A digital satellite picture released this month proves that they are being slaughtered enmasse. Hundreds of buildings in the Rohingya villages have been torched,” said Azwan.

“We must take action. Such a travesty on a grand scale must be considered a crime and genocide by the Asean and international community.”

More Rohingya Muslims poured into neighbouring Bangladesh this week, with some feared drowned after a boat sank in a river during a bid to flee escalating violence that has killed at least 86 and displaced about 30,000 people.

Credit: New Straits Times

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